S. Blyth Stirling is a writer, illustrator and photographer who was born in Boston, Massachusetts and now lives in Kennebunk Maine. She is the author of several books including the best-selling “Naked Scotland” and also writes full-time for C-level executives.

She has written articles for such publications as Forbes and had illustrations in publications like New Moon and Joomla Magazine. When she is not working on her next book or ghost-writing articles for the C-Suite she is busy at home with her 2 adorable children.

S. Blyth Stirling (Author)

S. Blyth Stirling

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Yes, You Can Survive Long Haul Flights

Harry the Pigeon: A Wee Scottish Story

“Staying Sane on the Plane: Your One-Stop Guide to Fearless Flying with Tiny Travelers”

Do you have an upcoming flight that you’re dreading because your child is in their terrible twos, a three-nager, or a four-nado? Are they very active — even hyperactive? Are they anxious, scared of just about everything? Are they easily overstimulated and prone to epic outbursts? Or ferocious flare-ups? Are they defiant? Are they “late talkers”, preverbal and/or nonverbal? Are they not yet toilet trained? If the answer to any one of these questions is YES, this book is for you!


Naked Scotland: An American Insider Bares All

Naked Scotland Book

“An American affectionately “lifts the kilt” on a fascinating country.”

Are you an American who wants a deeper understanding of Scottish people, beyond what touristy travel guides let on? This book is for you. Written by an American who once lived in Scotland, is married to a Scot, and has been part of a Scottish family for nearly 15 years, you’ll gain some insider’s knowledge from an American perspective.


Harry The Pigeon: A Wee Scottish Story

Harry the Pigeon: A Wee Scottish Story

“A true tale of a Glaswegian granny and her feathered friend, Harry.”

Written by Eliza J Stirling and Illustrated by S.Blyth Stirling, Harry the pigeon is a childrens book written about the “mostly” true tale of a white pigeon that visited the authors garden over a number of years. This book makes a great bedtime story for children of all ages!


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